About the piece


"Once earth and sky were passionately one" John Berger


CREATURE weaves aerial and powerfully grounded contemporary dance in a new work of compelling and visceral dance theatre.

Vanessa Cook’s latest show explores the balance between flying, falling, succeeding and failing – between human creatures.
Moving seamlessly between the realms of air and earth, CREATURE is raw,

energetic, visually stunning and always surprising.

 ‘Breathtaking... Poetic... Gripping’ (Berner Zeitung)
 ‘An exhilarating collective experience - unforgettable’  (audience review)
 ‘My boys loved it. We all had goosebumps’ (audience review)


Choreographer Vanessa Cook
Director Kate Higginbottom

Composition and Sounddesign Moritz Alfons
Lightdesign Frédéric Moreau
Producer Ann Katrin Cooper

Michał Czyż (PL), Dariusz Seweryn Nowak (PL),

Alessandra Ruggeri (IT), Tobias Spori (CH), Vanessa Cook (UK)

Voice Tamzin Griffin (UK)